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How to list an NFT collection on Kollection

Now vs The Future

The Kollection team is currently building our "Creator Tools" suite which is a no-code launching tool for NFT contracts on Kollection along with user friendly tools to create and manage minting events within Kollection's website. This product is in development and will be rolled out in stages. The first stage will be the availability of custom minting pages, second will be the management tools to manage minting events yourself, and lastly the no-code launching of contracts. Until we roll out all three stages, some minor development work will be necessary to get your collection launched on Koinos and visible on Kollection. When Kollection launches the full "Creator Tools" suite it will mean that any artist will be able to launch their own NFT collection without ever needing to own any tokens or know anything about programming.

Want to launch your collection now? Don't worry! It's all still super easy, and we've got your back!

What's required for your collection to become visible?

Collections listed on Kollection will need to be whitelisted by us for display. This is primarly for two reasons: 1) Security, and 2) To prevent obvious IP infringement and scams. While we absolutely cannot guarantee that a collection contract is "safe", we simply do this as a basic due dilligence process. As time goes on, this process and it's requirements will become more automated.


  • A public social media account that we can verify is actually you. Twitter is preferred, but other social medias are also accepted.
  • Your NFT collection contract posted publicly to github (or other code hosting site). Your users may also want to see this contract. We will review the contract and the compiled code's sha256 hash and size must match what's actually uploaded to main net Koinos. Using our template for an NFT collection contract is not required, but, it will make the process smoother/faster as it will be easier for us to review your contract.
  • Your contract's main net address.
  • Your collection needs to be tested on the Harbinger Koinos Testnet. Contracts uploaded to testnet do not need to be whitelisted and will show up automatically. The site is pointed to the testnet so feel free to use this for testing.
  • Your anticipated launch date. Please be sure to give us at least 5 days from the time you complete the other requirements before your launch date so that we have time to review.

We have a form that you can fill out with all of the necessary details. If you'd like to host a minting event on Kollection, please coordinate that with us as the first stage of Creator Tools (minting events) will be rolling out very soon and we'd love to host you.


Contracts can be either immutable or upgradeable on Koinos. If your contract is upgradeable and you upload a new version of your contract, it will automatically be taken down from Kollection and you will need to reach out to us to go through the contract review process again. Your publicly listed code must still match what's actually uploaded to main net Koinos.

The form to fill out to get your collection listed on Kollection

As we develop the "Creator Tools" suite we will eventually move these questions to the site itself - you will be able to manage it by using the owner keys for your collection. Until then, here's a google form that you can fill out: link to form. Be sure to fill out the necessary requirements (outlined above). If for some reason you can't use a google form, you are also welcome to contact us at [email protected]

Minting events

If you'd like to launch ASAP before custom minting events roll out on Kollection, there are currently two ways to do it. The simplest is to mint all of the NFT's to yourself and then create listings on Kollection - this requires no additional work or setup. The second would be to build your own minting page externally to Kollection which requires separate development work and your own hosting.