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How To Use Kollection

How To Use Kollection

Welcome to Kollection, the digital asset marketplace on Koinos where you can trade NFTs with no gas fees!

To get started on Kollection, you will need one of the following two Koinos wallets installed:

To login, click the Connect button in the upper right-hand corner of the website. You will be prompted to pick the wallet you'd like to connect with. Once connected, you will see your wallet address in the upper right hand corner.

Where to buy KOIN

Do you see an NFT you'd like to purchase but you don't have any KOIN? No worries, you can purchase KOIN on MEXC exchange here.

Viewing NFTs That You Own

There is a profile link right next to your wallet address in the upper right-hand corner once signed in (connected). Upon clicking this, you will see any NFTs listed that are contained in your wallet.

Marketplace Contract

Kollection is based on a decentralized marketplace protocol that runs on the Koinos blockchain.

The primary trading functions on Kollection that derive from this contract are the following:

  • Sell: This function allows NFT owners to list their digital assets for sale on the Kollection marketplace. Sellers will set the price and expiration dates of the item. Once listed, the NFT will be available for purchase by other users on the marketplace.

  • Cancel: This function allows NFT owners to cancel their active listed NFT.

  • Buy: Users can purchase listed NFTs on Kollection by using the buy function. Buyers will pay the listed price and occuring fees, for example marketplace fees or royalties. The NFT will be transferred to the user's wallet if the transaction was successful.

Keep in mind that there are never any gas fees on Kollection due to the fee-less nature of the Koinos blockchain.


Mana is a property of KOIN that allows for it's fee-less opperation. By holding KOIN, you have access to Mana which recharges like a battery.

Kollection will provide Mana for listing and purchasing of items on Kollection so you won't need any additional KOIN beyond what is necessary to purchase an NFT. If you own an NFT and have no KOIN, you can still list it for sale without holding any Koin yourself. This costs us nothing and we can provide this service to you simply because we (Kollection) also hold KOIN.

Mana for canceling a listing has to be paid by the user. This isn't because we don't want you to cancel your listing, this is just to eliminate user's draining our mana by repetetively creating listings and canceling them.


The Kollection marketplace website can be used with the following wallets:

Fees and Royalties

Kollection will charge a 2.5% marketplace fee on NFT sales.

Collections can ask for royalties of up to 10% and this is at the discretion of the collection owner.

The marketplace applies royalties (if set by the collection owner) since they are a part of the NFT contract standard KCS-2.


As an NFT marketplace, we display NFT collections based on information stored on the blockchain. Unfortunately, this means that scam NFT collections could also be displayed on our platform if a malicious actor decides to upload them to the blockchain. While we do everything we can to prevent this, it's important to note that as a platform that works with decentralized protocols, we can't control the content displayed on the blockchain.

Therefore, we strongly advise our users to conduct proper research and due diligence before buying any NFTs to ensure their legitimacy. While we strive to provide a secure and transparent platform, ultimately, it is up to each individual to take responsibility for their transactions on the decentralized marketplace.

Additionally, we recommend that our users review the transaction events in Kondor or MKW to gain a better understanding of what happens when using Kollection. This will be to identify any potential issues or irregularities.

If you see a collection which appears to be a scam, please contact us immediately.